About Dr Petralia

Dr. Petralia is a highly skilled, client manager, digital program manager and producer who produced the very first Barbie GameBoy Color, along with games, applications, products and websites for Christina Aguilera, Cheerios, Cablevision, Credit Suisse, Britney Spears, Bayer CropScience, Novartis, Bonefish Grill, State Farm, Condé Nast (epicurious.com, style.com), Balenciaga, UNIQLO, Amex, Brown University, Duke University, Teach For America, Two Sigma, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, HP Inc, and Philip Morris USA amongst others. He is particularly skilled in working with large, complex teams on optimizing the way people collaborate. Digital projects have included intranets, CMS implementations, e-commerce sites, web magazines, recruitment sites, mobile applications, banner ads, and special brand initiatives with a marketing focus. He has a background in account and project management, and digital strategy having worked at RazorfishBlast Radius, PayPalValtechHuge, and Sullivan in NY.

Peter Petralia is a Partner at strategic marketing consultancy Modern Craft, where he leads the people and processes practice. Over the past five years, he has focused on connecting strategy to operational optimization, with a focus on internal communications, team structure, processes for creating efficiency in marketing teams, and rolling out lean, scrum, and design thinking approaches. An agency veteran, Peter has a PhD and an MA in theater studies that focused on the impact technology has on the way humans experience spatial relationships. He also used to be in the circus.

Dr. Peter S Petralia has also been a producer, director, writer, curator, researcher, educator and is the founding artistic director of Proto-type Theater. Peter’s work, both with Proto-type and with others, has been seen in the United States, United Kingdom, Armenia, Russia, the Netherlands, South Korea, Mongolia, China, Zimbabwe and Romania.

Peter is the author of the performance texts Poor Angels, Bunny’s Last Night in Limbo, Cheap Thrills, Three Ring, Third Person, The Christmas Suicides, Invisible Messages, Third Person: Bonnie and Clyde Redux, Whisper, Virtuoso (working title), About Silence, Fortnight, and The Good the God and the Guillotine.

He collaborated on 1001 Nights Cast for which he authored four entries (available online here, here, here and here) and he has worked as a dramaturge and performance coach with the Tiffany Mills Company with whom he has collaborated on two pieces of touring dance theatre. He recently collaborated with artist Bambo Soyinka in a project in development via the National Theatre of Wales (NTLab) program.

He is the recipient of several awards, grants and residencies including the HERE Artist Residency Program (NYC), Lincoln Center Director’s Lab (NYC), Das Arts (Amsterdam), 2004 nytheatre.com Person of the Year (NYC), Artward Bound of the Field (NYC), Chashama Area Award (NYC), Mondo Cane Commission from Dixon Place (NYC), TCG/ITI Travel Grant (NYC/Russia), The Creative Lab at The Center for Contemporary Art (Glasgow), the Outside/Input Program of Richard Foreman’s Ontological-Hysteric Theater (NYC), IETM Intro Award, and Jerome Foundation Commission from PS122 (NYC).

Peter was part of the curatorial team for the 2002 Queer@HERE Festival, the 2003 Fuse Festival and Avant-Garde-Arama at PS122, and has been a guest artist in Busan (South Korea), Dublin (Ireland), Brest (France), Tirgu-Mures (Romania) and Asheville (North Carolina). Peter was the 2008-09 New Work Network Activator for the North West of England. He was the Treasurer of the Board of Trustees for New Work Network and on the advisory boards for Live at LICA, hAb and Avant, The Journal of the Philosophical-Interdisciplinary Vanguard.

Peter completed his PhD from Lancaster University where he was a recipient of an Overseas Research Award. Peter regularly contributes to scholarly journals, gives guest lecturers and keynotes, and leads workshops.

Peter was Senior Lecturer in Drama and Theatre at MMU Cheshire where he was also Programme Leader for the BA (Hons) Contemporary Theatre and Performance degree. At MMU, Peter was a research lead, international recruitment officer and the departmental e-learning champion. To read about his teaching philosophy, download this short statement.

Follow on Twitter. Visit his LinkedIn page for the most up to date resume information read a statement about his digital work here, or view his academic CV here. To view a portfolio of his recent digital work, request access to this folder.


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