What is contemporary?

Today I’ll be part of a panel that is happening at MMU as part of the centenary celebrations of MMU in Cheshire. A full schedule is online here. My panel is described as follows: Panel Discussion: Arts and the Contemporary: A discussion between key artistic practitioners and writers Time: 5 – 6:30pm Location: Axis Theatre John Deeney, […]

Thoughts on TAPRA and Academia In General…

Yesterday, I presented my paper at TAPRA and it went down pretty well, I think. Presenting it to an audience of 8 or 9 people and having only a few brief moments of discussion about it, though, has made me really think about the impact of academic work on the wider world and about what […]

New Furbies (!) and an excellent paper about mobile phones and intimacy

I am at TAPRA today preparing to give my talk about technology and intimacy. I’m also trying to decide which color of the new Furbies I should buy… Check out the video of it being demonstrated from endgadget: It looks pretty amazing/demonic. I’m sure Sherry Turkle will be buying a few dozen to unleash on […]

Home again, briefly

Yesterday I arrived home from Evora, Portugal, where I had spent a week with 13 of my CTP undergraduates and one of my colleagues. We were performing in a festival called Writing on the Landscape (Escrita na Paisagem), which typically runs for three months every summer. This year because of budget cuts the festival was […]

Translating PANTS! to fit our space

Yesterday, we had to move hotels for one night because the hotel we’re primarily staying in was completely full for the night. Our hosts helped us to move to an old building that is partially a hotel and partially still functioning as a seminary. It is a grand building with terra-cotta tiled roofs and white […]

Tomorrow: Portugal!

Tomorrow, I am off to Evora (Portugal) with thirteen of my students from MMU’s Contemporary Theatre and Performance BA (Hons) degree. We are bringing out show PANTS! to a festival of work from around the world. Details online here. We’re really lucky that the university is subsidizing this trip by contributing funds for each of […]

Reach Out and Touch Someone: Technology and the Promise of Intimacy : Complete Draft

Thanks to Hassan, Allie and Brian for your feedback on this so far! Here is a full draft of this bad boy. A few notes for anyone reading it: I need to add the page numbers for the Farman quotes. I left the book at my office so will need to do that later this week. […]