The client is never right; the client is always right.

I published this on LinkedIn Pulse today, but wanted it to have a home here as well. Like many people, my first jobs were in the service industry: working in a bowling alley, a men’s retail shop, as a host at Red Lobster, and in my father’s Italian restaurant. In those early years of minimum […]

Not Everyone Should Be A Manager

This was posted on LinkedIn Pulse a few days ago but wanted it to have a home here as well. In the modern conception of work, we are incentivized to climb a career ladder where we gain increased responsibilities, higher pay, and ultimately enter into management. This pathway means that for many people they move […]

Review: The Professional ScrumMaster’s Handbook

Whether you are new to Agile methodologies or a seasoned pro, Stacia Viscardi’s new book, The Professional ScrumMaster’s Handbook  is an essential reference resource. I had the privilege of undergoing a two-day CSM training with Stacia while I was at Razorfish and was impressed with her approach to teaching and with the methodology itself. I liked […]

What is private anymore?

Over the past week I’ve been reminded of how notions of privacy have shifted since the mass adoption of the always-on, mobile Internet and portable (tiny), ubiquitous video and photo capturing devices. It has been clear for some time now that we live in an age where there are very few places where our private thoughts, actions, words and […]

Talk – Thursday At Kennesaw State University

This Thursday, I’ll be giving a talk at Kennesaw State University in Georgia via SKYPE. Ironically, my talk is called Reach out and touch someone: art, technology and the promise of intimacy. Here is a blurb about it: Technology – especially digital communications technology – has been hailed as a great equaliser that was supposed to […]