New Furbies (!) and an excellent paper about mobile phones and intimacy

I am at TAPRA today preparing to give my talk about technology and intimacy. I’m also trying to decide which color of the new Furbies I should buy… Check out the video of it being demonstrated from endgadget: It looks pretty amazing/demonic. I’m sure Sherry Turkle will be buying a few dozen to unleash on […]

Home again, briefly

Yesterday I arrived home from Evora, Portugal, where I had spent a week with 13 of my CTP undergraduates and one of my colleagues. We were performing in a festival called Writing on the Landscape (Escrita na Paisagem), which typically runs for three months every summer. This year because of budget cuts the festival was […]

My life with furbies.

I’ve been reading Sherry Turkle’s amazing book Alone Together recently and it has inspired me to think about one of the ‘creatures’ she was studying in the book. She looked at the impact that so-called social robots (or socialable robots) are having on our personal interactions by studying Furbies, Tamagotchi’s, Paro (the Japanese ‘seal’ robot), […]