Pokémon Go: Augmented Reality’s Big Moment.

Everyone is running into each other. People are actually hurting themselves. And the Internet is exploding. Yep, Pokémon Go is giving Augmented Reality (AR) its big moment.

This is how disruptions in technology often happen: a technology is developed to serve a niche market, until it hits an inflection point and achieves mass appeal. It’s so common there’s an entire hype cycle built to document it. And then it gets old (I know I’m tired of hearing about the “Uber of X” phenomena).

Personalization of Process Management

Over the past two years I’ve had exposure to a lot of different approaches to project management, and in my more recent leadership roles I’ve been thinking a lot about how poorly many projects are managed. Much of what seems to fuel the poor approaches to project management I’ve seen is an over zealous adoption of outmoded […]

What is private anymore?

Over the past week I’ve been reminded of how notions of privacy have shifted since the mass adoption of the always-on, mobile Internet and portable (tiny), ubiquitous video and photo capturing devices. It has been clear for some time now that we live in an age where there are very few places where our private thoughts, actions, words and […]

Thoughts on TAPRA and Academia In General…

Yesterday, I presented my paper at TAPRA and it went down pretty well, I think. Presenting it to an audience of 8 or 9 people and having only a few brief moments of discussion about it, though, has made me really think about the impact of academic work on the wider world and about what […]

New Furbies (!) and an excellent paper about mobile phones and intimacy

I am at TAPRA today preparing to give my talk about technology and intimacy. I’m also trying to decide which color of the new Furbies I should buy… Check out the video of it being demonstrated from endgadget: It looks pretty amazing/demonic. I’m sure Sherry Turkle will be buying a few dozen to unleash on […]