Instagram Stories: What’s brand got to do with it?

This week, Instagram announced a new disappearing content feature called Stories, which is eerily similar to many people’s favorite feature on Snapchat. This post lays out the differences between how the two social networks have built their brands, and what Instagram’s Stories mean for Snapchat.

Four Terms of Endearment

Having worked in media and digital since the mid 90s – first in video post production, then video game producing, business analysis for websites, and more latterly as a project and program manager – I’ve seen the invention of countless processes and terms and missions and core beliefs and strategies that have been proclaimed THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER. I’ve been thinking lately about four of these, which are a bit all over the map in terms of type, and wondering about why they are misused or misunderstood so often. In an effort to see where my understanding sits with others, I’ve composed a short list of observations about terms that I encounter frequently. There are only four in this list, but there are many more that I’ll be thinking about in the weeks to come.