Somewhere in a far away land

For most of the past two months I’ve either been on an airplane (I’m in one now), in meetings, or in a hotel room by myself. This wasn’t exactly what I expected when I decided to come back, although I knew that I’d be traveling some and I expected that there would be a certain level of intensity based on the volume of changes happening all at once. Now that I’m living this new (old) life, though, I’m discovering all the things that I didn’t anticipate and I’m trying to figure out how to be me again in my changed environment. I don’t know if that sounds like a straight-forward, easy proposition but as it turns out, it isn’t. I’ve always embraced change and am generally pretty excited about the possibilities for renewal that come with an unexpected challenge. But lately I have been feeling a bit at sea and I need to find some strategies for getting the support I need at work so that I feel more able to adapt with a positive energy. And I need to set some boundaries so that I have more time for living. That was one of the points of this move, so I need to make it happen.

Reach Out and Touch Someone: Technology and the Promise of Intimacy : Complete Draft

Thanks to Hassan, Allie and Brian for your feedback on this so far! Here is a full draft of this bad boy. A few notes for anyone reading it: I need to add the page numbers for the Farman quotes. I left the book at my office so will need to do that later this week. […]