Academic Writing

This page has a current list of academic writings that are available to read/comment on/love and/or hate. Please cite accordingly.

Petralia, Peter (2015) ‘Leadership Lessons from a 25-Year Career in Experimental Theater’, in Fast Company, October 2 2016.

Petralia, Peter (2012) ‘Reach Out and Touch Someone: Technology and the Promise of Intimacy (conference edit)’, TAPRA, Kent University, 5-7 September,  Online at:

Petralia, Peter (2012) ‘Reach Out and Touch Someone: Technology and the Promise of Intimacy’ online at

Petralia, Peter (2012) ‘Five Brief Reflections on International Live Art: Institutet and Nya Rampen’ in Contemporary Theatre Review, 22:1.

Petralia, Peter (2011) ‘Here, there and in-between: a reconsideration of rehearsal space vis-a-vis telepresence’ in Performance Research, 16:3.

Petralia, Peter (2010) ‘Reshaping Spatiality: cognitive perception and the fracturing of theatrical space’, PhD Thesis, Lancaster: Lancaster University.

Petralia, Peter (2010) ‘The fragmented stage of Virtuoso (working title)’ in Robin Nelson (ed) Mapping Intermediality in Performance, Amsterdam University Press. 

Petralia, Peter (2010) ‘Headspace: architectural space in the brain’ in Contemporary Theatre Review, 20:1. 

Petralia, Peter and Matt Fenton (2008) Arts Council Report on Nuffield Theatre’s 2008 Programming Season, online at:

Petralia, Peter (2007) ‘Voices in our heads: invisible theatre and knowing what is real’, Masters Dissertation.

Petralia, Peter (2005) ‘Invisible Journey’, Framework: the Finnish Review of Art, web version