Dial 419 For Love

This is just a very short post to encourage people to start checking out the site for a new project  I’ve been working on with artist Bambo Soyinka as part of the National Theatre of Wales Lab. I can’t say very much about the project yet, which is why this is a brief posting, but here is how Bambo has described the project on our public website:

Jonnah is a retired romance scammer who wants to make amends for his past misdeeds.  He has created a love game that reveals the tricks of his trade and is looking for players to take part.

To become a player audience participants have to take a test. The winners get to play either as an “apprentice scammer” or a “love seeker”.

And if playing the game feels too dangerous, audience members have the option to become a “voyeur” and watch the experience unfold from the safety of a laptop.

I am enjoying having the space and time to work as part of a collaboration where I’m not driving the bus (aka producing). I’ve been working with Bambo on some bits of writing and contributing to a structure for the project. My latest input has been to develop a series of interactions, drawing on my experiences with Fortnight, that encourage participants to complete mini creative adventures that further the project’s narrative. That probably doesn’t mean much to anyone reading this (is anyone reading this?) since I haven’t fully divulged the nature of the project, but suffice to say I am getting a bit inspired by Miranda July and others. It is so pleasurable to not be the boss… I need to do this more often.


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