Evening at the Embassy and overlooking Republic Square

This is going to be a brief posting as I’m tired, but wanted to just share some images, etc, from a very nice evening at the house of the Ambassador(s) (husband and wife who are sharing the role on 6 monthly terms) from the UK in Armenia. There was a cocktail party with canapés and drinks in honor of the successful performance of a Shakespeare play performed and adapted by an Armenian company at the Globe in the UK. The Ambassador(s) Jonathan and Cathy were very gracious hosts and really interesting to talk to. They were stationed in Japan before this and have three children who were totally charming.

Here are a few snaps from the evening:

Me with Artur from High Fest
Cathy, co-Ambassador from the UK to Armenia
Jonathan, co-Ambassador from the UK to Armenia making a speech.
Canapés aplenty.
The Ambassadors' residence.


Me, pre-cocktails.

After the cocktail reception, Narek took me to a bar/restaurant overlooking Republic Square where we had a bottle of wine, some cheese and a baked apple with nuts and chocolate sauce. We watched the sun set and talked about our lives, interests, histories. Very engaging evening!

A view with Mt. Ararat in the background from the 'Diamond Club' rooftop bar/restaurant.
Moon over Republic Square
Baked apple with nuts and chocolate at the Diamond Club

When we were done drinking and eating, Narek walked me back to the street where I am currently living and on the way we passed by Moskva cinema where we saw a fountain that was laid out in the shape of the zodiac. When we were here in October the fountain wasn’t working, although we passed by it many times. Here is my star sign, Aquarius:

Aquarius in a fountain near the Moskva Cinema

Now I am off to bed before a busy day tomorrow of meetings, watching a theatre workshop and visiting a final rehearsal of a performance created by a local Armenian company based on Don Quixote. Cannot wait for tomorrow’s adventures!




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