WARNING: This is a fairly quick and un-inventive post. I just wanted to give a quick update for family and friends…

It has been a whirlwind week in New York for me: I’ve started a new (old) job, found a gorgeous apartment to rent, reconnected with some good friends, arranged for all my possessions to be shipped over the sea, and conducted a major reconnaissance mission of furniture stores around New York City. I’ve also been eating my way through the city with visits to Colonie, Bar Boulod, Commerce Restaurant, and sushi, bagel and mexican places. I must have gained twenty pounds already, although the insane pace of things is probably keeping that in check.

Brian arrived on Weds and was supposed to head back to the UK on Tuesday, but the Frankenstorm means, he’ll probably be here for a few more days (which is great for me!). It has been a funny/bizarre day today as NYC has announced that the subway is closing at 7pm and is evacuating some people who are in coastal areas. The Frankenstorm is happening because a tropical storm/hurricane is going to bump up against a winter storm right near NYC. As a result the winds are pretty strong already and there is an expectation that they’ll reach over 60mph in the next 24 hours. We spent part of today stocking up on food, water, candles, batteries and (most importantly) wine. Most stores were a bit nuts with long, long lines of people panic buying food that I didn’t know anyone actually ate (vienna sausages anyone? gross).

Beyond dealing with the Frankenstorm today, I’ve been overwhelmed all week with trying to get logistical stuff in order for our move (with no help from the useless relocation service I was provided with – Home Destinations. Please do not use them…they suck), while ramping up quickly on a big project at work. It is amazing how many little details there are in a move and how easily they can turn into a full time project management job. Finding time to do basic things like arrange for the electricity and cable to be turned on while working a fairly intense job is in no way easy. Luckily, since I’ve worked at Razorfish before, I’m finding my way pretty quickly: I already know most of the systems so it is more about getting reacquainted than it is starting from scratch. Feels good to be back and I’ve bee really pleased to see so many of my old colleagues around the office. Nice to be working with smart people. Of course, I’ll be glad when things are settled and we’re moved into our new digs.

Here are a few snaps of the past week that some of you may have already seen in my Twitter/Instagram feed:

Brooklyn Borough Hall at Night
Poster in Lu’s Office at MTV
Brian with a Buddha’s Hand
Lu and Lola
Deviled Eggs at Commerce Restaurant
White Plains Firehouse
My New Home!

I promise to post something more interesting/useful in the next few days as I get acclimated to being on this side of the world.


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rpetralia October 29, 2012 Reply

Welcome home, and yay for smart people!

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