Market in Madison and Breakfast at Marigold Cafe

Despite United Airlines horrible service we made it to the states for a visit with our family. I’ll be mostly offline on this vacation, but wanted to post a few pictures of the amazing food market in Capitol Square in Madison that we visited today. The main thing I miss about the states is fresh produce and amazing breakfast food… Today we managed to quench my thirst for both:

We bought a few of these beauties- actual tomatoes that taste like tomatoes (have never found a real tomato in the uk):

We didn’t buy any of this although we would have if we were here longer:

I drooled at the beautiful hot pepper plants:

..and these totally bizarre looking mushrooms (they looked like cauliflower):

We bought some beautiful beets, but not from this lady:

After the market we went to Marigold Cafe for breakfast…I cannot even begin to say how happy this made me. Here are snaps of what each of us had (me, Brian, Brian’s mother and his sister):

(Chile poached eggs on pancetta)

(Breakfast scramble with roasted poblanos, sweet corn, quesa fresca and breakfast potatoes)

(breakfast sandwich with potatoes)

(coconut pancakes with mango and coconut cream)

After breakfast we went to Lake Manona for a quick photo:

Now, back at Brian’s parents house we’re watching this little guy graze his way through the plants in the yard:


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