More chances to study with me

More studentships have just been announced! This one is based at the contemporary arts department and is online here (click on the ‘music and performing arts’ tab and then scroll down to find the right topic.

Here is the blurb about the studentship:
Technology, intimacy, and performance

Technology, especially communication technology, has been promoted as being able to ‘bring people together’. But with increased gadgets, are we really any more ‘connected’ as a global society? The popular author Clay Shirky has said, ‘intimacy doesn’t scale. You can have an intimate dinner party for six but not for sixty. More is different…’ In a context of more face-time, more demands for immediate response, and pervasive use of technology in the everyday, how has performance responded? The aim of the proposed practice-as-research programme is to investigate how technology changes notions of ‘intimacy’ and specifically how theatre and performance challenges, represents and alters these notions.

Use reference number PR/16 when you apply! Register your interest here.


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