Old Family Footage

I recently came into possession of some very old footage from my father. The video embedded here is footage shot on an 8 MM camera by a family friend (Mr. Russo) and includes shots from a birthday party of my cousin Josie, my parent’s engagement party and wedding, shots from when my father and his family arrived on the boat from Sicily, footage of my Aunt Vincenzina arriving from Sicily (via Pan Am!) and the party they had for her after her arrival. There are all sorts of people in these videos that I’ve heard of but never met – including my mother’s parents and her neighbor Ms. Roberts (or was it Robins)? Everyone was so stylish!


Here’s the video!



Rose February 24, 2013 Reply

I love that business. Good grief, the hairdos!

Sarah February 27, 2013 Reply

Love it!! I love the guy dancing at the 19:39 – 19:56 ish mark.

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