Reviews for Berries and Bulls

Petra Van Noort, Jeffrey Duvall, Kevin Ho in Tiffany Mills's Berries and Bulls. Photo: Julie Lemberger

A few reviews have come in for the dance piece I’ve worked on for the past two years with NY dance company Tiffany Mills Company. The piece, Berries and Bulls, premiered last week at Baryshnikov Arts Center after having several different work in progress showings over its lifespan. Our rehearsals took place largely over SKYPE except for a few which I was able to attend in person in NYC. I wrote about our previous collaboration, Tomorrow’s Leg’s, which was also rehearsed over SKYPE in an article that ┬áContemporary Theatre Review published. I’m always suspicious of reviews because I know that they are often not only about debating/engaging with the work. Often they are about being clever or furthering someone’s writing career and they aren’t always accurate. Some of the reviews that have come out, for instance, have missed me out entirely and credited the work I did to someone else. Some have also misquoted the text that I worked so hard on with the dancers. That, is just how it goes, of course, but I do wish that reviewers were a bit better at their jobs… Anyway, the reviews out so far are here, and here, and here. More soon.


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