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A quickie to say that tomorrow morning I’ll be on BBC Radio Manchester’s Beswick at Breakfast programme. You can listen to it online if you’re keen. I’ll be on around 8.40, I’ve been told! It’ll be my first live radio interview for a long time but after my marathon of live TV interviews in Armenia for HighFest I think I’m prepared.

I’m finally getting around to go to one of the Word of Warning Sampler Series events that Tamsin has been putting together. I’ve been busy on each of the other nights, but they look brilliant and the work she’s doing bringing interesting performance work to Manchester is golden. I’m also on her Advisory Board, so it’s about time I got myself to her new digs at Zion Arts Centre. I’m going to see Tom Marshman’s Legs 11 and Getinthebackofthevan’s External. They both look like they’ll give me plenty of creative food for thought, which I always crave.

I’ve also booked tickets to see the lovely Melanie Wilson’s new show Autobiographer at Toynbee Studios in a few weeks. I like her work a lot so looking forward to seeing this newest piece. She’s also writing a chapter for my book about it, so wanted to see the piece first hand. A bit shocked at how much it cost to get from Manchester to London and get tickets. The whole thing will cost me about £75! That’s a lot of pennies. I’m going to catch up with Orlagh, the director of New Work Network while I’m there (I’m the Treasurer of their board), so that should at least make the cost of the journey feel a bit less painful.

And, Fortnight is launching next week. This is a project by my company Proto-type, which has been in Lancaster and Bristol already. Manchester is the biggest city so far and it’s going to be a delicious affair. I’ll be watching the Fortnight elves work their magic. Should be good fun for everyone whose managed to both register and buy their tickets (it’s a two parter, which seems to confuse some people).

And, finally, my company is heading to Zimbabwe in the first week of May to perform Third Person: Bonnie and Clyde Redux at HIFA. This will be my first time in Africa and I cannot wait. I only wish I had more than just a week to be there so I could go to see some of the amazing wildlife in the many parks and reserves. Next time!



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