The Furby Watch

I’m loving following the exploits of the Furbies that my students are caring for over the Easter break. They are blogging about it over here and so far they’ve had a lot of adventures. Some of them have been really going for it and others don’t seem to be as much (or if they are, they aren’t yet updating the blog). It is a big task that could really eat up a lot of time, so I’m not too surprised that not everyone is getting up to it.

These are the tasks I have the students:

  • Set up a blog and invite everyone. (done!)
  • Name your furby. (done!)
  • Take your furby everywhere with you where feasible.
  • Write a blog post about your childhood furby if you had one.
  • Try to capture any responses you get from people about the furby by writing these down and posting them to the blog. When people ask you avoid telling them that you are doing a project for CTP. Try to treat it as normal as possible.
  • Take a photo with your furby every day over the Easter break.
  • Post your photos to the blog and tag the posts as photos.
  • Just before we are back, after you’ve gotten to know your furby, write a description of the furby. You could use Facebook as guidance… (ie, music likes, relationship status, etc), or write something more narrative or create a simple list.
  • Just before we meet, write a short response to living with your furby for these weeks in terms of what it feels like to have it as a responsibility etc.
  • When we are all together again, we will use this research and other research and writing to make a piece about our relationship to childhood, memory, intimacy and parenting.

I’ve snatched a few images of Penelope, Jeff and Dorian from their blog here – sunglasses are a popular Furby accessory it seems:

Looks like the project is off to a good start. Excited to work with them in the studio after the Easter break.


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