The rise of the furbies


Well, despite feeling like death warmed over I managed to get to MMU today in order to launch the performance project I will be doing with 13 second year CTP students. I was inspired by Sherry Turkle and bought a bunch of Furbies. It turns out, two to few. Don’t know how I managed that. Luckily one in the group thinks she has a spare one at home. I’ve got two on order just in case. Good thing because we may have already had a casualty. The Furbies I’ve collected are definitely a motley bunch. In the photo above you can see some of the students with their little treasures.

I’ve given the students a number of tasks to undertake over the easter break which should result in a lot of interesting material. Through these furbies we are going to explore our childhoods and reflect on what it might mean to be parents. We’re also trying to understand something about emotional attachment to technology while being a bit silly as well. There will soon be documentation of their adventures which I’ll include on this site.

Who knows what I’ve unleashed with this… they are already getting very attached!


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